Crufts 2007

Best of Breed & Dog CC
Dr.A.L.Birchall's Am.Ch. Birchbay Sir Galahad
(Am.Ch. Kristil's Ambassador to Ketka ex Am.Ch. Baybreez Great Expectations)

Photo© Yvonne Barendregt-Willis

Dog Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed - Am Ch. Birchbay Sir Galahad
Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate - Titanium Columbus
Bitch Challenge Certificate - Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock with Zippor
Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate - Ohio Starcatcher of Glenhafod
Best Puppy - Crivnor Cream Soda

Judge : Mrs. Lesley A. Crawley (Ragus)

Veteran Dog (No entries):

Special Puppy Dog (2,0):
1. Neatham's Crivnor Cream Cracker.
Attractive dog, lovely head, mouth and eye, between coats but of excellent texture, topline needs more careful trimming, correct bone and substance, moved well, needs to be stood more smartly on the table.
2. Bell's Dorinor Dealer. Lovely head, eye and mouth, again not the best topline, excellent coat and condition, movement coming and going let him down, very attractive.

Special Junior Dog (No entries):

Post Grad. Dog (No entries):

Limit Dog (3,1) :
1. Needham's Titanium Columbus.
Oozes breed type and one I have always liked, correct head, short back and legs, correct size, bone and substance, tail carriage not perfect but a nice length, although in a new jacket did not look his best. His owner had obviously done her best with what she had but in comparison to the Open winner the overall appearance and finish was not there, moved well at times but tended to pull which upset his balance in profile, I'm sure will have better days. RCC.
2. Corkhill's Redash Classic Balti. I have seldom seen this dog look better, in the right length of coat to suit the dog, clean, tidy and in lovely condition, attractive, quality dog with a better tail carriage than the winner but just not the superb type in head or body.

Open Dog (4,1) :
1. Birchall's Am.Ch. Birchbay Sir Galahad.
The American style of grooming and handling may not appeal to British eyes but he did look like a perfectly prepared show dog, groomed our way it would be surprising how different he would look. In the peak of coat and condition attractive head under the foreign styling, superb neck and front, would have liked more ruff and a tad shorter in back, for quality, star appeal and condition could not be bettered. One of my three top males when judging in the U.S. the previous October, where the depth of quality was extremely good. CC, BOB and short-listed in the group.
2. Brown's Queslade Rebel Red. This was my second disappointment in the last two classes, love this handsome, quality dog with his beautiful head, bone and substance and showmanship but his completely dead and dull old coat spoilt him on the day, a hard decision to place him second, one of my favourites.
3. Dudareva's Shugar Kjub Snooker. Nice type of dog, attractive head, correct bone and substance, good coat, a little out classed by 1 and 2 and not their movement.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (No entries):

Veteran Bitch (2,0):
1. Smith's Thewina Silversand at Dejarada.
At 12 years still the ultimate show girl enjoying her day, pretty head, coat OK, good condition, moved well, needs more bone and substance, wonderful for her age.
2. Wilson's Elve Forest Witch. A shame this one did not perform with any enjoyment or animation, nice general type, pretty head, in good coat, a shade on the fat side.

Special Puppy Bitch (5,0):
1. Flannery & Willard's Crivnor Cream Soda.
Litter sister to puppy dog, immaculately presented, outstanding for outline and general appearance, moved well, unfortunately has a fault not easily forgiven when awarding top prizes but was my cc winner until I found this. This is a new owner to exhibiting and although needs to learn the finer points of handling is an example to many over coat presentation, best puppy on her many good qualities.
2. Bardell's Acquest Peppermint Patty. Another lovely puppy in perfect coat and condition, good head and mouth, lovely outline, needs more training when moving but when I did see her go could not match the excellent movement of 1.
3. James' Alncarron Dawn Redwood.
Another playing her handler up which did not improve her movement, similar type to the other two, pretty head, shown in good coat, would like more bone.
Res. Hillsdon's Daisywillow Pinky Pooh Bear
VHC Lifford's Toasted Teacake

Special Junior Bitch (3,0):
1. Downie & Phillips' Jaeva Sitting Pretty.
Won the class on her movement, nice head under the Cairn type hairstyle, correct eye, out of coat, nicer to go over on the table than she appeared, definitely needs more trimming.
2. Alncarron Dawn Redwood
3. Kirkpatrick's Tynallt Toil n Trouble.
Small one of good proportions, good coat of correct texture but rather dull in appearance, not enjoying her day at all and not moving properly.

Post Grad. Bitch (6,1):
1. Norrey's Titanium Cristabel.
Typey one shown in a good coat which lacked shine and condition, correct bone for size, pretty head, dark eye, nice tail length and carriage, topline poor which showed standing and on the move, this and her dull coat lost her rcc, showed very well, has the basics if the rest can be improved on.
2. Bell's Dorinor Dizzy Lizzy. One who looked lovely standing, good head and eye, coat in great condition unfortunately her movement let her down, showed beautifully.
3. Layfield's Brencorrie George Sand.
This one has quite good type, a dark eye and moved better than 2, but looked dreadful, no coat at all and not showing either, in good coat would look altogether different.

Limit Bitch (3,1):
1. King's Kinsridge Magic Moment.
Shown in excellent coat and condition, a quality attractive bitch but not trimmed to hide her worst faults in topline and hind movement. Please leave more hair between back legs at least, showed well.
2. Martin's Acquest Polka Dot. Have seen this one look so much better, nice general type, good head and eye, coat not at its best and not trimmed right, did not enjoy her day.

Open Bitch (2,0):
1. Jones' & Phillips' Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock with Zippor.
Like the winning dog this bitch was in perfect condition, a gleaming, clean black and tan coat of a perfect length on the body though lacked leg furnishings and length of coat underneath, this gave as rather leggy appearance, overall very attractive quality one, correct head, dark though slightly full eye, correct mouth, length of neck, high set tail producing lovely outline standing, nice size and moved OK, could not match BOB for perfection of coat finish or performance on the day. CC
2. Mason's Ohio Starcatcher of Glenhafod. A pretty, typey bitch, correct short back and legs, moved very well in front, gave a faultless performance in showmanship but would like more bone and substance all through her small frame, just lacked the gleaming coat condition of the two CC winners.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (No entries):