Crufts 2006


Judge : Mr. Hans Lehtinen (Finland)

Dog C.C.,B.O.B.& Best Puppy - Ragus Up 'n' Adam
Bitch C.C. - Ragus Yours Truly
Dog R.C.C. - Ch. Schancho Red Planet
Bitch R.C.C. - Ragus Ladybird

Veteran Dog: No entries
Special Puppy Dog: (1,0) 1. Crawley's Ragus Up 'N' Adam
Special Junior Dog: (3,1) 1. Gray's Sygar Tittle Tattle 2. James' Ragus Wild Story at Bakewood
Post Graduate Dog: (1,0) 1.Chambers' Rouletta Shooting Star
Limit Dog: ((3,0) 1. Corkhill's Redash Classic Balti 2. Chambers' Ragus Fits The Bill with Rouletta 3. Ruck's Chap von den Zwei Eichen
Open Dog: (7,4) 1. Crawley & Quinn's Ch.Schancho Red Planet 2. Ruck's Arthus von den Zwei Eichen 3. Norrey's Barwest Brandy Snap for Justrite

Veteran Bitch: (1,0) 1. Smith's Thewina Silversand
Special Puppy Bitch
: (2,0) 1. Crawley's Ragus True Romance 2. Stevenson's Ragus Really 'N' Truly for Brickin
Special Junior Bitch: (5,0) 1. Crawley's Ragus Yours Truly 2. Thompson-Morgan's Ragus Truly Cream at Belleville 3. Jones & Phillips' Jaeva Jingle Bell Rock Res. Corkhill's Redash Time N Tide
Post Graduate Bitch: (3,0) 1. Zetter's Tezaland Midnight Miracle 2. King's Kinsridge Magic Moment 3. Tokumine's Tezaland Quickstep
Limit Bitch: (5,1) 1. Crawley's Ragus Ladybird 2. Lifford's Lady Button 3. Zetter's Tezaland Midnight Miracle
Open Bitch: (5,1) 1. Corkhill's Redash Blackcurrant 2. Jerlin's Swed.Ch.Airescot Joy-Bells 3. Jones' Ragus Girl Trouble Res. Chambers' Rouletta Primrose

Dog C.C.,B.O.B.& Best Puppy
Ragus Up 'n' Adam

Ragus Up 'N' Adam
(By Ragus Lookin For Trouble ex Ragus Lucy Furr )


Bitch C.C.
Ragus Yours Truly

Ch.Ragus Yours Truly
( Subject to K.C. confirmation)
( By Ch. Ragus Solid Silver ex Ch. Ragus Truly Unruly)

Photo above by Edwin (left) and Graeme Parker (right)

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